Obviously, you’ve heard of Halloween but have you heard about „Wszystkich Świętych” in Poland? See this Free Printable Flashcard and learn the basic vocabulary on All Saints Day.

All Saints Day in Poland

This day of remembrance takes place each year on the first of November and it’s known in Polish as Wszystkich Świętych.
Unlike Halloween, it is a more solemn and nostalgic holiday.
On this day, Poles visit cemeteries (cmentarze) and bring decorative candles (znicze) and chrysanthemums (chryzantemy) to the graves (groby) of their loved ones.

All Saints Day – Vocabulary

znicz – candle
cmentarz – cemetery
chryzantema – chrysanthemum
grób – grave

znicze – candles
cmentarze – cemeteries
chryzantemy – chrysanthemums
groby – graves

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